Jong-Soo Kim,

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce the 13th annual meeting of the Federation of Asian Dental Anesthesiology Societies (FADAS) on Saturday & Sunday, June 13 - 14, 2020
This annual meeting has been organized by the FADAS to allow dental anesthesiologist and dentists to present current issues, discuss front-line issues and share the current situation in dental anesthesiology among dental anesthesiologists and dentists. The main theme of the FADAS2020 meeting is “Up-to-Date Sedation Practice in Dentistry”. We hope that this meeting could provide in-depth knowledge and sharing experiences of how to perform sedation practice in dentistry.
This meeting will give individuals working in the relevant area the opportunity to listen to well-renowned speakers. Moreover, it will provide a great opportunity for networking to enhance the relationship between dental anesthesiologist and dentists in China, Japan and Korea. In addition, it will support collaboration with other Asian countries and internationally.
In addition to academic achievement, you will find the opportunity to enjoy “Korean Culture”. Like no other place on earth, long lasting history and dynamicity of Seoul infused with modern architectures and life style makes you to have a memorable experience for a long time.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to Seoul for the 13th annual meeting.
Jong-Soo Kim, DDS, MSD, Ph.D.
The Federation of Asian Dental Anesthesiology Societies
The Korean Dental Society of Anesthesiology